Today's the birthday of my oldest son. It's scary how fast they grow up. That also means I didn't get much writing done today, with relatives visiting, gifts, going to the movies and all that other good birthday stuff. I did manage to slip off and crank a few words after the kids fell asleep, way too late in the evening, but now I'm too tired and need to hit the old sack. Oddly enough, I had exactly as many words today as I did yesterday.

Still, I can at least share a little eye candy to make up for it. I have no idea if this guy's a stepbrother, but we can always pretend. 😉


Today’s words: 620

Disclaimer: This quote is completely unedited and might be entirely different in the final version!

“Working late today? I was going to order some pizza.” He shifts, and I follow his movement out of the corner of my eyes closely. I hope he never understands how much of my attention he has.

So what’s he doing? Offering an olive branch? God, he drives me so crazy. One moment it’s like he hates me, the next he wants to fuck me. Or buy me pizza, I guess, which isn’t quite the same thing, unless it’s really good pizza. That’s almost as good. I eye the pile of paper on my desk. Guess I’ll be here for a while. “Yeah, alright. I think it’s going to be a long night.”

“Cool. I’ll call in a little bit.” He grins. “Meat lover’s alright?”

I don’t even rise to the bait. “Sure. Whatever.”

“Awesome.” He pushes off my desk and walks his perfect ass back into his office. I watch it until he’s out of sight and closes the door behind him.