Oh God, I want this book to be finished so I can send it out to you guys! 😀 Working so hard to get it done, but when your editor says, “Here’s a plot hole, go fix it!” what are you going to do?

So I beg you to be patient a little while longer. Thank you so much, in advance.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have another excerpt to share, though, which you’ll find just below. Hopefully, this will keep your appetite whetted while I fix the last of the book. 

Excerpt from One Flight Stand (Coming Soon)


Montana chuckles and brushes his fingers over my hand before turning back to the bed. “What’s in there?” He reaches for a tissue-wrapped bundle hidden under the rest of the things.

“Nothing.” I grab it before he can get his hands on it, but he scoops me up instead. With a heavy drop that makes the bed creak, he sits down with me draped over his lap, face down and ass in the air. “Hey!”

“If it’s nothing, then you don’t mind me looking, do you? What is it? Fancy underwear?” He plucks it out of my hand and pulls open the paper with a grin.

Inside is another onesie, but this one’s special. Maroon and gray, with ‘MONTANA’ written in bold font across the top, a bear paw print in the middle, and ‘Grizzlies’ in what looks like a child’s scrawl under the paw. I almost didn’t buy it, but when I saw the rack full of college gear and one of them had his actual name on it, I couldn’t resist.

Right now, though, waiting for his reaction, all I feel is insecure. What if he thinks I’m trying to pressure him into something? We did this so backwards. I’m having new relationship jitters over the man whose baby I’m carrying.

“I know it’s dumb. I don’t even know what kind of team that is. Probably football, right? I can take it back.” I grab for it but he holds it out of my reach and shifts so I’m even more stuck on his lap.

“You’re not taking this back,” he says gruffly. “And before you say that again, remember that I’ve got you in the perfect position for a spanking.”

Crap. He’s right.

I freeze. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh really?” Montana raises a hand and brings it down onto my ass. Not hard, but enough to make me yelp and glare at him. He laughs and pats my butt. “You’re right, but only because you’re pregnant. Once our legacy is born, all bets are off.”

I should be mad, but he’d never really hurt me. All I feel is warm and squishy inside at the thought of him taking charge like that. Not that I’m going to tell him that. “I’d never let you.”

“No?” His smile turns predatory. “I think you would.”

I shake my head, trying not to smile. “Never in a million years.”

“I guess we’ll have to wait and see.” Montana’s hand slides over the curve of my butt and his fingers trace the seam of my jeans until they’re right between my legs. My responding whimper must not be very convincing, because underneath me, his body reacts to the sudden erotic turn of our conversation.

He doesn’t stop me when I twist in place and sit up on his lap. My thighs straddle his, and I run my hands up the front of his shirt, fingering the gap between two of the buttons.

Rich brown eyes, the color of hot espresso watch me as I raise my hands and stroke the sides of his jaw. His beard is longer than it was when we met. I doubt he’s paid much attention to it this past week. Montana always seems to be straddling the line between cultured and barbarian, and today is no different.

We manage to steal moments together, but more and more it’s not enough. Somewhere in the city, people are getting ready for my wedding. My dress is being adjusted, food is being ordered… my groom is looking for a tux.

For all of my running, I haven’t really gotten anywhere.

“I don’t know if we have time to wait and see.”

“I’ll make the time,” he says it with enough conviction to make me want to believe him. “And we have tonight.”

I lean in until our lips are nearly touching. “Then kiss me.”

He puts his hands on my hips and flips me over onto the bed. I land flat on my back, and in a matter of seconds his hands are at my clothes, yanking down my jeans and working at my shirt.

“My lips are up here,” I tease.

“If I start kissing you, I’m not going to want to stop.”

I give him a hand unbuttoning his shirt. “That’s a problem?”

“It is when I want to fuck you and there are clothes in the way.” Montana hooks his fingers in my panties and tugs them down my thighs.

“Oh,” I whisper. A bolt of heat sizzles its way down my body, coming to a hot, wet rest between my legs. “That’s a very good point.”


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