Alright, so some days the words don't just come. I'd love to show big numbers every day, but today that wouldn't be honest. While I'm pretty happy with at least five of the first six chapters, I'm having some doubts on the solidity of my plot, so I've been going back and editing, getting a feel for the characters again and testing ideas. Hopefully I'll get over the funk tomorrow and be back to writing lots of words again. 🙂 It's all part of the process, laid out in its ugly details.

Once I feel a bit more solid in my plot and characterization, I might even start dropping a little bit of info about them and such, so stay tuned.


Today’s words: 247

Disclaimer: This quote is completely unedited and might be entirely different in the final version!

Oh, she’s ten, for fuck’s sake. If Claire had any idea of the kind of shit I got into at ten, I think she’d consider herself lucky with a girl like Eva. “Hey, no harm done, alright? I’ll get this straightened up later.” Claire gives me the eye. Whatever. “I think they have ice cream down in the cafeteria. How about we go down and get some. I hear it makes all the pain go away.” I almost have a bad conscience for the big eyes and hopeful look on Eva’s face when she turns to Claire for permission. Almost.

“Fine. Whatever. Maybe they have ponies too. And video games. Girls who misbehave deserve all the rewards.” She rolls her eyes in resignation.

“Really?” And here I didn’t think Eva’s eyes could get wider.

“No.” Claire sighs. “But we can get ice cream. Let’s go.”