Well, 43 days and 58,000 words later, and the first draft is done. Hooray!

This is only the first part, though. Next I edit the book, fix inconsistencies, flesh out scenes that need it, ensure there's a continuity, and try to ensure that the book is fun to read. Hopefully, that'll only take a few weeks. We're still on vacation, so it's difficult to go wild.

It was really nice to plunk down the words, THE END, though. 😀

tattooed20Today’s words: 1242

Disclaimer: This quote is completely unedited and might be entirely different in the final version!

“Yes,” I repeat with a soft laugh. Sliding my arms up, I wrap them around his thick neck and pull him towards me. His soft hair catches between my fingers as I clutch him, clinging while we kiss, deeply and passionately. He stirs against my hip and my pussy clenches at the thought of going again. We even might have, but someone bumps against one of the doors, almost pushing it open. Hard enough to make the handle click. I pull away reluctantly, and his complaining groan makes it obvious how he feels about it. “We need to get dressed, before someone comes in.”