I guess words started back up on Tuesday. RWA was a ton of fun! I saw lots of inspiring talks about craft and business and met up with more awesome writers than you can shake a romance novel at. If I can at all make it, I'm definitely hitting RWA again next year. Besides, I've never been to San Diego, which is where it'll be. 🙂

I'm exhausted, but super inspired!

Other than that, I'm still on vacation so only writing part time, but the words are happening again and I'm very close to finishing up the first draft.

Then the edits begin. *groan*

tattoo16Today’s words: 1286

Disclaimer: This quote is completely unedited and might be entirely different in the final version!

I know it’s her even before I turn. No idea how, but I do. Letting a smirk play over my lips, I pin her with my gaze before she’s even got a chance to sit down. She stops, her deep browns locked to my blues. She’s winded, breathing heavily. Couldn’t wait for the elevator. I almost laugh, both at her eagerness and because I’m happy to see her here. I want to just say fuck it, and walk out, taking her with me, but this is for her. I’m going to see this through.