I’m making words again, but my body still thinks it’s in a time zone that it’s not. That’s also why another day got skipped. I cuddled with my boys last night, which is what we usually do at bedtime on Fridays, and they weren’t the only ones who fell asleep. By the time I got up, it was the middle of the night and I was all groggy, so I just went back to bed.

Today I got a good start, but halfway through my second sprint I started to fall asleep even though it’s only 11:30 PM. So, I’m doing the sensible thing and going to bed, since I’m pretty much unable to keep my eyes open tonight. Can’t wait for the jet lag to be gone. Hopefully more words will happen tomorrow. I have good ideas now. Great ideas.

I hope. 😀


Today’s words: 1358

Disclaimer: This quote is completely unedited and might be entirely different in the final version!

Monday again. Some of the shine has definitely worn off the long elevator ride to the fifty-fourth floor. Now I’m unable to stand still, waiting impatiently for it to get to the top. Not that elevators are all that exciting, but today’s special and I just can’t wait.

Today I get revenge.