So we’re finally at my in-laws’ home after all sorts of things going wrong with our flights. The first one was delayed, then I was selected to go through a special customs line, which took a really long time, which meant we missed our connecting flight. At this point it was almost midnight and there were no more flights that day. Then we rented a car and drove until we were too tired to drive and crashed at a hotel for the night. Then more driving and now we’re finally here, exhausted and jet lagged.

On the bright side, I got some great new ideas on how to build up the plot of the novel on the way, so those are getting incorporated now. Still, while it’s only 11pm my time, my body thinks it’s more like 5am, so my brain isn’t firing very well right now. But – I still got some words out. 🙂

tattoo5Today’s words: 871

Disclaimer: This quote is completely unedited and might be entirely different in the final version!

That’s when I see her. Fuck, she’s hot. Deep red hair, button nose, a determined jaw and curves for fucking miles. Wouldn’t kick her outta bed, if you get my drift. Hell, getting her there in the first place would be worth some fucking effort.

She’s coming towards me, and I spring into action. Putting my hand out in greeting and beaming my widest drop-and-spread-for-me smile. It’s a well practiced move, and one that’s worked over and over. Except this time. She blows right by me, like I’m not even there, leaving my hand hanging. Well, there’s a blow to the old ego. What the fuck?