This post’s a little late, since I fell asleep before getting to it. 🙂 Date night was fantastic, though! We’re around 22,000 words into the story now, and moving forwards. I keep swinging between thinking this is the worst crap that’s ever been put to (digital) paper, and thinking that, hey, this isn’t actually all that bad. I expect to be more confident by launch time, but this is a pretty typical part of my process. I can be as business-minded as I want, but apparently you can’t take out the sensitive artist. 😉

Anyway, things are beginning to heat up. Now I just have to keep stoking the furnace.


Today’s words: 1170

Disclaimer: This quote is completely unedited and might be entirely different in the final version!

My lips meet his and I tell myself I have to make this good to make it convincing. No way am I reliving that night in Frebruary. Nuh uh.

God, he tastes good.

Surprised or not, Declan catches on fast. I started the kiss, but he’s determined to finish it, his arms wrapping tightly around me and holding me close. He burns hotly against me, his rough lips forcing mine open while he slides one hand down to grip my ass. That’s a bit further than I intended, but somehow I let out a little whimper anyway.