Well, today I made some new words! There's a little editing still happening with previously written material, but it's coming together now. Declan and Claire's (did I mention those are their names?) characters are coming together, and there's some story happening. It's going to need some serious edits, of course, but I'm sure my editor would be sad if she didn't have anything to do when I hand her the manuscript. 😉


Today’s words: 2780

Disclaimer: This quote is completely unedited and might be entirely different in the final version!

I look him right in the eyes, which don’t hold my gaze for long before they begin flitting around. “Ms. Anderson is a trusted employee of this firm and she is assisting me in this case. We’re going to do our best to ensure a favorable outcome for you and your company, Mr. Cooper, but if you call her a broad again, I’m going to break your face. Do we understand each other?”