Today was a decent day. I'm still cleaning up and redirecting existing words, but even so I managed to cram a reasonable number of new words in there. Tomorrow I'm hopefully done with old words completely and only making new ones. At least until edits, or when I decide I need yet another new direction. Feeling a lot more confident now though, so hopefully I can beef up the pace a little.

That said, my whole family is leaving for seven weeks of vacation next Tuesday. While that doesn't mean I'll stop writing, my time will be more limited, as we'll be visiting our parents and spending time in the sun, at least during the days. So production will slow down, but I'm still hopeful for a end-of-July, early-August release. I shall do my best!


Today’s words: 2632

Disclaimer: This quote is completely unedited and might be entirely different in the final version!

I’m supposed to be furious, not getting distracted by his pretty face. Focus! I force myself to frown. “You’ll never know what hit you.”

“You mean like this?”


Leaning just a bit further forward, he plants a kiss right on my lips, quick peck, but enough to make what feels like electricity arc between us and make me want those full lips of his back there for another. Then I realize what he just did, and I recoil in surprise. From his laugh, the expression on my face gives it all away.