My book's not done! 🙁 Sometimes finishing is the hardest part, (that's what she said 😉 ) but we really are getting close.

I know! Excuses, excuses, but where's my damn book?


But one thing I do have for you, that I hope you'll like, is the final cover. I'm so excited about this, and I love the way he stares right out of the book, saying, “I want you.” 😀

Scroll past the cover to read a new snippet from my upcoming novel, Payne.

payne 500x750

“Did you kill them?” I whisper, watching his face for any sign of guilt or denial.

For a long moment, Payne watches me right back. His eyes are like cool green pools, unreadable. “Yes.”

That one little word stabs into my heart, even more painful than the throbbing in my forehead. “Why?”

“Because they wanted to hurt you.” He shrugs just a little.

“You… you did it for me?”

Three men are dead.

Mobsters, my brain reminds me.

“No, I did it for me, because they were going to hurt you and I was in a position to make that not happen. I know you wouldn’t have wanted me to.”

“But you did it anyway, and you know their plans because…?”

He looks away. “In the context of other business I had with them, it came up.”

The weight of that business hangs between us unsaid. The kind of business where he has mafia connections who’d bring up things like that in casual conversation.

I squeeze my eyes for a second, trying to distract myself from how close he is, and desperately wanting to take back the last twenty-four hours. Before our fight, before the shootings, before whatever the hell this is. “Why couldn’t you have just been a photographer?”

Payne’s face softens. “Could you love a photographer?”

“I thought I did.”

He leans forwards.

I’m not going to kiss him.

His lips come closer.

Not going to happen. Never again.

He shifts, one of his legs falling between mine, and his fingers slipping into my hair. His mouth brushes mine, and I feel the tingle all the way to my frozen, sockless toes.

Just once to say goodbye.


Payne might not be ready for you yet, but in the meantime, here are some other hot romances that are tearing up the charts these days. Maybe they can tide you over while you wait. I know I'm eagerly hurrying to finish Payne so I can read these with a good conscience. 😀