naked tattooThis is to me the most nerve-wracking point of writing a book. Right now, my editor is  the first person other than me to read the new story. I’m terrified that I’m going to hear back that it’s awful, or that it doesn’t make any sense, or any other number of things. I’m actually fairly confident in the book, but I’m unable to keep those feelings away anyway. Hopefully, I’m right and the things she’ll come back with aren’t so bad.

But until then, I’ll worry about writing a good blurb for the book, and wait eagerly for my cover designer to get back to me with her first stab at a cover. If the last time was anything to judge by, I expect it to be pretty awesome from the get-go. 🙂

I’m hoping to get this book out to beta readers within a week, but we’ll see how long it takes. It depends on how much rewriting my nasty, mean, perfectionist, never-satisfied, slave-driving and absolutely wonderful editor will have me do.

Also, I’m already outlining the next book so I can hit the ground running. Phew!