I'm pounding the keys for all I'm worth, trying to get this novel ready for you guys. It's hard work, but at least for now, I'm pretty happy about it. I'm sure I'll eventually get to that stage where I'm convinced that I'm writing the worst piece of crap ever and I have to get talked down from the ledge so I don't start over, but for now… I think it's turning out well. 😉

I've included another excerpt today, and as usual, it's completely raw and unedited, so if you find errors or weird phrasing, don't worry. It'll be completely different in the end. 😉

I hope you enjoy the little insights in the book writing process! 🙂

Excerpt from One Flight Stand (outside her bedroom)


Montana's waiting for me outside her room, leaning nonchalantly up against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. “She's asleep?”

I nod. “Long day.” Turning towards my own bedroom, I find him walking right behind me. I glance at him questioningly over my shoulder.

“If you thought it'd be hard to get rid of me before, you're about to see me now that I know you're carrying our baby. Just saying.” He grins.

I'll admit it. I smile. “My big protective baboon.”

“Fuck yeah. I'll fling poo at anyone who comes close to you, babe.”

“Yeah, thanks for that image,” I laugh as I get to my door. I turn to say goodnight, but I'm caught up short when he steps right up to me. Instinctively, I back up, only to find my progress stopped by my door.

He puts his hands on the frame on either side of me, boxing me in and looming over me. If it's at all possible, his eyes are even darker than usual, burning black, like there are embers just underneath ready to flare up. His top couple of shirt buttons are open, exposing just enough of his powerful chest to make me wet my lips. And get wet someplace else.

He grins like a predator. “I've been thinking.”

“Oh.” It's all I get out, distracted by his closeness.

“You’ve had a lot of reasons we shouldn't be together. The marriage, your parents, my job. Probably a couple of other things that I'm forgetting.” His voice is a deep murmur that sends shivers down my back. It's already obvious where he's going with this, and if I don't stop him, I don’t think I'll be able to resist this time.

The question is, do I want to?

“The way I see it now, the marriage and my job are already fucked. When your parents find out about our little bundle of joy, anything else we’ve done won’t matter. And those other things I'm forgetting, I don't give a damn about.” He tucks his finger underneath my chin and forces me to look right into his eyes. Does he see how terrified I am? And how desperate for him? “So where does that leaves us?”

I don't have a good answer, so corny will have to do. “Outside my bedroom door?”

He chuckles deep in his throat, and his smile widens. My resistance is melting away, and he knows it. “Sassy little wildcat. You're running out of excuses, babe.”

“Excuses for what?” I breathe the words, daring him to come right out and say it.

“Excuses for keeping me outside your bedroom door instead of inside it. Excuses for keeping me out of your bed. Excuses for keeping me at a distance instead of deep… inside… you.”

Oh God.

I steady myself with a hand on the doorknob, so I don't just slide right down the door to the floor. My heart's pounding, my breath's coming in tense, nervous gasps, and my knees are shaking, but the heat that's pooling between my legs burns like molten lava.

It's not that we haven't screwed before. We did, and it was crazy. But if I let him in now, it will mean something. Not just a one night stand. It will be so much more.

I'd be fucking my baby's daddy.


He leans in so that his lips are nearly touching mine and whispers, “In a way, it'll be my first time. I've never fucked anyone without protection before, but there’s no worrying about knocking you up now. Wouldn't you like to take your bad boy's virginity?”

I chuckle nervously, more a hiccup than a laugh. “It'd be mine too.”

He touches my lips with his, like a brief butterfly touch. “Not it'd be. It'll be.” He kisses me again, harder this time. When he pulls away, I follow him briefly, not wanting it to stop.

“You're very sure of yourself.” I don't know who I'm kidding. It's a token resistance, the conditioning of a lifetime being raised as a good girl. A good girl who fucks on airplanes.

“I am.” He leans into the crook of my neck and places a kiss at the top of my shoulder.

Turning the doorknob, I lean back just enough for the door to open, then grab his collar with both hands, pulling him with me. He manages to stop us just long enough to kick the door shut behind him. I look him into his eyes just before dragging him over me into bed. We land heavily on my sheets.

“It's your lucky day.”

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I bet that right now you're cursing me out for cutting out just before the steamiest part. #sorrynotsorry 😀 But I have to build a little anticipation too, right?  😉 So while I soldier on to finish this book, here are some others that have their share of sexy romance and steamy scenes that don't cut off right before they get good because the author's a sadist. 😉

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