I'm getting soooo close to the end of the editing process on One Flight Stand. It has taken so much longer than I expected, so I'm sorry about that (I feel like I keep saying this), but I think you'll love the end result.

I'm lucky to have an editor who's willing to take me by the ear and show me exactly how a scene or chapter doesn't work as well as it should, then help me fix it, even if it sometimes takes a little longer.

So, in the meantime, I want to share another little chunk of the book in hopes of holding your attention just a little while more. And this one gets a little naughty. 😉

Excerpt from One Flight Stand: The Beginning


Montana doesn’t seem to have anywhere near as much anxiety about me, because when he makes his move, it’s to drag me into his arms and take my mouth in a panty-melting kiss. I moan in surprise, spreading my hands out over his chest and returning the kiss with everything I’ve got.

When we break apart, he leans down to whisper in my ear. “You taste like cheese.”

“Oh my God!” I smack his arm, not sure if I should laugh or die of embarrassment. “Seriously?”

“I like cheese.”

“Good! Because we’re having a whole table of it at the wedding.”

He stiffens at my words. “What?”

“Where do you think I was today? Didn’t you get my message? I was wedding shopping with my mother.”

“What message?”

“Check your phone, Wisconsin.”

He fishes his cell out of his pocket. “I see you sent something, but there’s no text.”

I grab it. “Don’t you see the picture?” There’s nothing there but a stub with my name on it.

“My data plan sucks, okay?” Montana takes back his phone and glowers at me. “It only downloads over wi-fi.”

“Oh, come on… What is this? 2005?” I take mine out of my purse and bring up the picture of the dress, handing it to him.

At first there’s no reaction, but slowly his expression changes. Hard angles soften and when he looks up, the emotion in his eyes sears me like he just lit me on fire.

I want what I can’t have.

So bad.

I want him standing there at the end of the aisle watching me.




And then his hands are on my clothes, pushing off my jacket, and sliding up my skirt until he finds bare skin. He kisses me again, his tongue teasing mine as his hands grip my ass.

“We’re in the garage,” I gasp.

“Don’t care.”

He nibbles a trail down my neck, his beard rasping against my skin. The door into the house is right there, right in front of me. Anyone could come through. I should be resisting, but a few minutes should be okay, right? I’ll resist when he’s done doing that thing with his tongue on my collarbone.

My dress goes slack as clever fingers find the zipper on the back. The neckline sags to reveal my cleavage in front, and the waist falls forwards, making it easy to hike up my skirt. He pushes me back onto the still-warm hood of the limo, the his hand burning hot against my bare stomach. Then it slides to between my legs while he comes back up to nibble at my ear.

“Montana,” I plead, not sure if I want him to stop, or keep going.

“Andrea,” he whispers as his fingers press against the outside of my panties.

Continue. Definitely continue.

It’s nearly winter, and the garage is cool, but between Montana and the warmth of the car, I barely notice. Once again, his lips make their way down to my shoulder, but this time he continues to the swell of my breasts. Each kiss leaves a tiny spot of cold on my skin.

“We really shouldn’t…” My train of thought derails as sparks arc across my skin.

“Shouldn’t what, princess?” The grin in his tone is clear, even if I can’t focus enough to look at him.

A shudder runs through me. Instinctively, I push my thighs together, but he’s right there, forcing them open.

“I don’t remember,” I admit with a gasp

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