One Flight Stand Cover

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One Flight Stand is a humorous and heart-warming bad boy romance with a Mafia twist. If you think that’s a kind of story you’d enjoy, here’s your opportunity to read it before anyone else. My hope is of course that you’ll enjoy it and be willing to share a review on once it’s published.

This book has a Mafia theme, but it’s much more My Cousin Vinny than it is the Godfather, if you know what I mean. Humorous, romantic and action filled, with a lot of snappy dialogue and some pretty ridiculous situations.

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Montana is the Romeo to my Juliet.
That is, if Juliet happened to be engaged to Romeo’s half-brother against her will, everyone carried guns instead of swords, and Romeo knocked up Juliet in the first-class bathroom on a flight out of Chicago.

Act One
We meet with a kiss, me aching to run my fingers through his unruly hair, him desperate to shake a handsy cougar in an airport lounge. Thrown together by fate, he’s captivated by my independent spirit, brilliant smile, and the seductive motion of our flight over the ocean.
But alas, our love isn’t meant to be.
I’ve got a connecting train to catch.

Act Two
Our Families hate each other almost as much as they love power.
After years of fighting, an arranged marriage is supposed to bring our families together. It would’ve been nice to be asked first. I’m supposed to be busy finishing my last semester at school.
Instead, I’m pregnant with a baby that could tear this city apart.

Act Three
Who has time to mope? There’s an arranged wedding to plan, a mafia war to avoid and a dead sexy man I really need to stop sleeping with if I want to get out of this before they actually make me say “I do.”

Montana says he’ll do whatever it takes to keep our star-crossed family safe. I want to believe him, but at this point I’ll be happy if none of us end up on the bottom of Lake Michigan before the curtain closes.

Welcome to love in the Mafia.
Hope you brought enough popcorn to share. I’m having a craving.